Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's been called the "best vacation ever!"

Our mini vacation at the Great Wolf Lodge was absolutely wonderful! It had an indoor waterpark and really cool hotel rooms specially catered to kids.The lodge was completely self contained... we did not have to leave for anything. There were restaurants, stores, a cafe, a spa for adults and kids, a snack bar and many different kinds of entertainment.

We got a small lesson on nature from Yellow Feather, Simon and their woodland friends. They had story time every night in front of the lobby fireplace where the kids could bring their pillows and come in their pajamas.

They had an amazing time and were in tears when we came time to leave. It is something we will definitely try to do again someday... right after we save up a few more pennies!

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David Fauth said...

Wait for the days of the RV....