Saturday, December 8, 2007

Our First Gingerbread House

A couple of Sundays ago a friend from church and I were talking about gingerbread houses and I mentioned how I wanted to attempt to do this with the kids this year. After church she came back with a whole gingerbread house kit for our family. It was very sweet and thoughtful! Well, last night we bit the bullet and made our gingerbread house. It was quite hilarious! Noah and Ruthe were asking if they could eat it and we were not even finished decorating yet. Isaiah got a little confused about where he was suppose to stick the candy and he stuck them to his face (that is the pieces he did not eat)! All in all, we had a great time, however, this morning one side of our roof had slid off which of course in turn started the "can we eat the gingerbread house now" all over again.

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