Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Apparently he's doomed!

So here is the story... Tonight, the boys had taken their shower and it was Ruthe's turn in the tub. While Ruthe and I were scrubbing her down the boys were suppose to be cleaning up the books in the play room. Noah came running into the bathroom with his tooth in his hand but no surprise since he had two extremely loose teeth on the bottom. We were all excited, he was a little freaked out because he was bleeding. I cleaned him all up while Clint rinsed Ruthe off and the celebration of Noah losing his first real loose tooth began. Noah put his tooth in his special tooth box and we read our book "Throw Your Tooth Over the Roof" which is about different tooth traditions all over the world. As we were talking about the whole experience Noah mentioned that it was Izzy's fault that his tooth came out. We tried to explain to him that his tooth was very loose and it was bound to fall out. Then... out came the truth... "Izzy threw a book at me!" Sure enough Izzy confessed that he had actually thrown a book at Noah. So yes, apparently he's doomed to have all his teeth knocked out. At least this one was loose and ready to come out.

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