Saturday, January 5, 2008

Catching up from Christmas!

Every year for Christmas we go home to the wonderfully warm sunshine state of Florida. No matter how long we are able to stay, it never seems to be long enough to see all who we want and give everyone the time we would like. Despite the time crunch we felt all week long we managed to get quite a bit done. We had an amazing time visiting family and friends, wearing flip flops, baking Christmas cookies with Nan, kids riding their new bikes, celebrating Christ birth, eating the traditional Papa the bus omelets on Christmas morning, celebrating Papa the bus & Grandma's birthday and sharing/opening gifts. Some how in all that we managed to have Christmas three times... first one was before we left for Florida, second was with Nan, Papa the bus, Uncle Jared and Uncle Jonathan and third was with Gran, Papa the beach, Aunt Melissa, Uncle Peewee, Sami, and Aunt Shawn (we missed you Uncle Clarence!). Now as you will see in the pictures the children were very hurt in having to have Christmas three times... yeah right!

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