Friday, April 25, 2008

Got to love Shamu!

My sister-in-law got married last week in Lakeland, Fla. which is very close to Orlando. It just killed me to know that we were going to be that close to Disney World and not be able to take the kids. There was just not enough time! I grew up going to visit Mickey and all his friends quite frequently because we had family that lived close to there. For me, I love the thought of being able to take the kids every few years so they might enjoy it as much as I did. Clint is not so keen on this idea. He obviously has not experienced the "magic" like I have. He did, however, go soft on us when we past the Sea World sign on I-4 on the way to Lakeland this trip. He mentioned to me as we past it "Maybe if Shawn does not need us to do anything tomorrow we could go to Sea World before the rehearsal." My eyes lit up carefully because I know Clint is one to tease and responded with "If you are joking that is flat out MEAN!" Luckily, this time he was not joking. Shawn did not need us that following morning so we headed off to visit Shamu. My mom was able to get a sub for her classes and met us down there to be our tour guide since she goes there often. We were able to see all the shows and visit all the exhibits. The kids were absolutely thrilled about the whole place. It was amazing!

My wonderful husband won big brownie points for this one!

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Amanda said...

I absolutely love your pictures, especially the one of Ruthe and your Mom and the one of just Ruthe. Your kids are so amazing, and so are you! I love you and miss you!