Thursday, May 1, 2008

What a sucker!

Ok, so here's the story. Ruthe has been having trouble sleeping in her own room lately not really sure why but she has. I have recently past off the torch of being the last one to tuck her in at night due to many nights coming out of there with me frustrated and her screaming. So last night I am in her room telling her good night and she is asking something about sleeping on the floor. I assumed she was talking about her floor but none the less I said "ask daddy." So she did... While I am telling the boys good night Clint yells " You told her to ask me if she could sleep on OUR floor?" to which I responded "NO, I thought she was talking about her floor." Ruthe, realizing it is not going well for her, burst into tears. Clint, being the good Daddy that he is, began talking to her about why she does not want to sleep in her room and about how nice her room is.

What it comes down to is... Her room has bugs and they only come out when she is sleeping by herself. They do not go in mommy and daddy's room.

Ok, so by this point I am cracking up laughing in our room and SOO glad he is the one handling things. He is also laughing at her crazy reason for not sleeping in her room. So what happened....

He gave in and she slept on our floor for the night... on MY SIDE!


Dagný said...

Aww poor thing!

That's pretty funny though. Especially considering she'd rather sleep on the FLOOR than in a bed because of "bugs" ... she's a cutie!

beckers said...

thats so cute! jennifer, i miss your kids! and am gonna have to keep missing them cause i leave on monday, this saddens me greatly!