Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Linda Claire Bragg

It has been a true blessing to have Linda Claire Bragg as my grandmother. Some of you may know that last week God relieved her of her earthly pain from cancer.
We grew up calling her Mambi, not sure exactly why but I know I had something to do with that since I was the first grandchild. I have many fond memories from childhood that include her. Most of those have something to do with Disney World because that is the one place she absolutely loved to be. She used to carry around this huge key chain that had about 100 Mickey Mouse/Disney World key chains and about 2 keys. It probably weighed 50 lbs. but she loved it. She was a very loving and caring person. She was always taking care of someone whether it was her own mother or brother (who at one point both lived with her) or her own children and grandchildren in so many different ways.
I was able to join my family in Chattanooga, Tennessee to celebrate her life and what she has meant to us plus many others. She loved Jesus and strived to do God's will more than anyone I have ever met. She was a true theologian. She was always studying the scripture and sharing with others the things that God was teaching her. She even did this through the seven years she struggled with cancer. We would get email updates after doctor appointments of what was going on and it always ended with what God was teaching her through this journey. Here are a few blurs from some of her emails:

*Psalms..."Commit thy way unto Him, and He WILL direct your path..." His directions are so perfect....not always pleasant, but perfect! God has never, and never will, fail to do what He says He will. That promise alone just keeps us on our journey -- trudging up this mountain with Jesus walking with me -- no better walking partner, right?
*pray with me that my faith will be greatest of all during these times -- they are pretty rough, but the Lord's compassions; new every morning and His faithfulness is great---my job: trust completely in Him!

She was an amazing example to me of how I should be living my life. I pray that one day I will be able to pass this kind of legacy on to my own grandchildren!

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