Monday, October 6, 2008

I've always been a loser

That's right... a loser. I can enter 1,000 drawings and not win one of them. Clint, however, can enter just one of those 1,000 drawings and win every stinkin' time. But today that changed and I have been a cloud 9 all afternoon! A couple of weekends ago Jenn D. and I took our little girls to the mall while the boys played football at the Davis' house. We needed something girly to do so why not head to the mall. Ruthe and Chloe were absolutely hilarious walking around the mall "shopping." Apparently that weekend was some Kid's Convention and there were all kinds of booths set up everywhere. We stopped at this photography booth to check it out and they were doing a drawing for a gift certificate for a photo seesion. Jennifer and I both filled out the info and walked away saying "well that was a big waste of time, I never win anything." Well, today this same photography company called to tell me congratulations I had won the drawing! Oh my gosh! I was so excited the girl on the phone was laughing at me. I immediately called Jenn D. to share my news. The funny thing is last week she won a CD off of the radio. Maybe this is the start of a something new!

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Jennifer said...

Ready to hit the lottery???