Saturday, February 14, 2009

We're back!

Well, the kids and I are back from Florida and have been for a week now. We have been slow to get back into the blogging world due to some changes going on in the Clifton household. What changes you might ask...

Here are just a few:
~ We moved back into our Lake of the Woods house because we could not find a renter and after months of looking we put our townhouse in Dumfries up for rent; in a matter of 3 hours we had a signed contract and a check. The week before the kids and I left, we had to move all of our belongs so poor Clint would not have to do it alone. Needless to say, all the boxes were waiting for our return so they could be unpacked.
~ When I got back from our trip I had mentioned to Clint how I did not feel well, I shared my symptoms to which he quickly and correctly diagnosed me... Pregnant! Yes, the Clifton family will be growing by one some time at the end of September.
~ I feel like JUNK! It's the morning sickness that pretty much last all day.

Hopefully, this week we will catch everyone up on our adventures with Uncle Jonathan in Florida along with pictures.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Hope you feel better soon!

-Jón Magnús and Marisa

beckers said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! first off, CONGRADULATIONS on the BABY!!!! AHHH!!!!!

second... you moved back! thats awesome! Jen, your back in your bigger house! exciting!

third, im sad that u and the kids were in florida and i didnt get to see you!

fourth, Life has been crazy for yall! All exciting things though!