Monday, March 16, 2009

"Kids Helping Kids"

Noah, along with his friends from church, planned an event to raise money for an orphanage in Bali that Clint, Bryan, and Naethan had visited on their trip back in December. This past Saturday was the big day! It was costume party with food, games and prizes. All the games had something to do with the orphanage and/or Bali so hopefully the kids not only had fun but also learn more about this special ministry they are helping.

The kids preparing to participate in the costume contest.

The three judges for the contest were introduce individually to the contestants. This is Noah humbly waving to the crowd!

Each contestant had to step on stage and tell who they were dressed as.
Isaiah was, of course, Batman...

Ruthe was Snow White...

Clint was Fredrico the Mexican evanglist (don't ask because I have know idea!)
Ammin was our emcee also dressed as maybe a western evanglist, maybe, not really sure. There were quite a few adults who got into the whole dress up thing.

The judges discussing who the finalist should be...

The three finalist: Superman baby, Ninja boy, and Buzz Lightyear

The Winner was Superman baby and from my inside source he was chosen because he didn't have to walk on stage, he "flew". Superman baby was present with a few gifts... The Lion King in the Balinese language and a whistle carved from bamboo also from Bali.

The games...

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