Monday, March 30, 2009

Roller skating

On Saturday, we took the kids roller skating in Fredericksburg for a family fun day. We had stopped by there a few weeks ago but it was teen night so the very nice lady working suggested we come back on a different day. She even gave us free tickets to come back on any Saturday. Because we know our kids and how often they fall, we made them wear their bicycle helmets. We were kind of laughing between the two of us because we knew they would be the only kids wearing helmets but when we got there they had a sign on the door encouraging kids to wear helmets. They even had some there to rent which is kind of gross but safe. Wearing the helmets was not a problem, they were so excited about skating they wore their helmets in the car.

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The Long Family said...

Sad to see that Clint didn't put on his skates:(