Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The end of our soccer season

Saturday was Ruthe and Isaiah's last soccer game for this spring season. They both had a great time playing and improved tremendously through out the season. Uncle Jonathan attributes that to the soccer cleats he had purchased them. Hopefully, they will still be able to wear them when it comes time for fall season. At the last game, the kids kept to what had become their average per game... Ruthe scored 4 goals and Isaiah scored 1 goal. Isaiah was a little more sluggish this game due to a late night camping trip the evening before but he was quite creative in figuring out how he could still help out his teammates even though he just wanted to lay down and go to sleep. For our age group we do not play goalies but the kids have learned to block the goal when the other team is about to score. Isaiah realized that he could hang back and play goalie while the rest of the team ran down field to try to score a goal therefore he did not have to run. Smart, I tell ya! After we stomped the other team we celebrated with cake, trophies and goodie bags from Coach Chris.

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