Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our Trip to Paradise

Clint and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary by taking a very relaxing trip to Cancun, Mexico. My Mom and brother, Jared, were up for the challenge of taking care of our four munchkins so we knew they would be in great hands. On our first day we arrived by lunch so we had the whole rest of the day to get the lay of the land and chill by the pool or beach. It was absolutely beautiful! Day two was much of the same, chillin' at the pool and beach, trying some amazing restaurants, and I had a mani/pedi.

Day three started our adventure tours. The first adventure tour was to zip line across "Extreme Park." The course was to zip line from tower to tower, zip line three times then walk across the top of some telephone poles, zip line two more times then walk across a very tiny bridge only as wide as my foot and then zip line two more times to the last tower. It was AWESOME!

The second adventure/day four was to boat to the Isla of Mujeres were we AGAIN chilled at the pool and beach then shopped at some Mexican markets for some treasures.

The third adventure/last day was by far Clint's favorite. We took a Jungle Tour where we got to follow a tour guide in our own small speed boat out to the coral reefs where we were able to snorkel before heading back to shore. Not my favorite but I did it, I survived, and it made my hubby happy.

The whole trip was amazing! Maybe we won't wait another 10 years to do this again :)

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