Thursday, September 20, 2007

All in one day!

The Clifton family seems to like everything to happen all at once. For example, this past Saturday. Isaiah turned two on September 6th and this Saturday at 11am we had a firefighter birthday party at our neighborhoods fire station. Isaiah and all his little friends got to tour the firehouse and see all the trucks. After the tour, the party ventured down to the park where we all enjoyed Firehouse subs and cupcakes. Now, that may sound like no big deal but here is the catch. Ruthe is playing soccer this season and her very first game just happened to be, of course, SATURDAY AT 11am. She was completely extactic about playing soccer so there was no way we could tell her that she was not going to her first game. Tuesday night practice had already been canceled that week because of rain and she cried her eyes out. So what did we do? Divide and conquer! Clint had set up the party with the Fire Chief so he took the boys to the party and Ruthe and I went to soccer. Thankfully where Roo plays soccer is the same park that we were eating for the party. The "party people" showed up right after Roo's game ended so we at least got to enjoy the food and present time. All in all everyone had a great time!

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