Friday, September 21, 2007

Sing Along Becomes Hostile

So the kids have been singing Pharaoh, Pharaoh since July when they attended Kids Club in Dumfries. Today a friendly sing-a-long turned hostile. Because I realize that this could be much less humorous if you are unable to understand what is being said. I have captured their words below in standard English.

Ruthe: Pharaoh, Pharaoh oh baby let my people go....
Isaiah: No! Me pharaoh, pharaoh!
Ruthe: (Continued Singing)
Isaiah: Me! Me! Pharaoh, Pharaoh, oh baby... baby, oh, baby, my baby (pretending to hold a baby)
Ruthe: Thant's not your baby (singing starts again)
Both: Singing Singing....
Ruthe: I've got your baby, I dropped your baby on the floor.
Isaiah: Oh?, I have the baby.
Ruthe: no, I dropped your baby on the floor. I took your baby! Thats not your baby, I took your baby!
Isaiah: (Showing that he still has the baby) Oh!
Ruthe: I threw your baby over the mountain.
Isaiah: NO NO!
Ruthe: In the crocodile's mouth!
Isaiah: Give me.
Ruthe: I don't have it. Bye Bye.
Isaiah: (Pull hair) Ha Ha. (take a drink) Baby, my baby.
Ruthe: I got your baby, here you go. I put your baby right on the chair.
Isaiah: OK. (then affectionately picks up the baby from the chair)

A happy ending to a baby abduction.

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