Sunday, October 14, 2007

Leaf Man

The kids and I make it to the library about once a week for movies and books. This last trip we made sure we got books about things that happen in the fall. Right off the bat the book "Leaf Man" by Lois Ehlert became our new found favorite. "Leaf Man" has to go where the wind takes him and each page was a new adventure. In the illustrations, the leaves changed shapes to whatever "Leaf Man" was experiencing. For example, the ducks were flying south so the leaves were the shape of ducks. The kids had a blast trying to figure out what the picture was before we read the page. Apparently Jennifer Davis has rubbed off on me because after reading the book several times we attempted a craft. We created our own "Leaf Man." The kids collected leaves and acorns from the yard (which are quite plentiful)and we busted out the glue. By the end of craft time we had a leaf man, leaf woman, and a couple of leaf fish. The kids were so proud of their crafts and absolutely could not wait for Clint to get home to show them off.

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