Friday, November 16, 2007

At a Moments Notice

The holidays are fast approaching and boy are we feeling it. The busy schedules are getting even more crazy and it seems as if we can not cram one more thing into our lives. Not only can we not cram one more thing in but nothing seems to be able to be scrtached off either... everything somehow is a necessity. That is until your best friend in the whole wide world calls and says that they will be two hours away the very next day which is exactly what happen to us last weekend. Our best friends, Amanda and Wesley, work at a church in Florida and they were bringing two of their youth up for "College for a Weekend" at Liberty. When she called to tell us, I immediately cancelled whatever we had planned so we could go spend the day with them. Clint did not really even have the chance to say no. I was already half way there in my mind plus I was jumping around the living room from excitment. You would of thought I was one of the kids! The four of us have known each other since high school and it is like we have never missed a beat even though we are separated by many, many miles. We had an amazing time hanging out and walking around the campus.We love you guys and cant wait to see you again at Christmas!

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