Friday, November 16, 2007

My Amazing Wife

As many of you know, when we were living in Iceland Jennifer and I had a heart to heart conversation about our dreams, how our life was progressing so far and what dreams of ours were yet to be realized. In that conversation Jennifer revealed to me that she has always wanted to learn photography. So on my ongoing quest to make all of here dreams come true I immediately we went to the computer from our tiny apartment in the worlds northernmost capitol and bought Jennifer her first professional digital SLR camera. A year later Jennifer has a bit of photography education and experience under her belt and has lined up several photography jobs over the next few months. These jobs include my sisters wedding, a some family portraits and the team and individual pictures for a basketball league.

Today we headed off to DC to by Jennifer a Studio lighting rig and a few backdrops for her up coming jobs. When we got home she tested out her new equipment on the kids. The results are amazing and my wife is a prodigy, I'm so proud of her.

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