Tuesday, February 5, 2008


This is the Sagrada Família church. I visited it yesterday.. an amazing story. Construction began in 1882. Originally designed by Antoni Gaudí (1852 – 1926), who worked on the project for over 40 years, devoting the last 15 years of his life entirely to the endeavor, the project is still under construction and scheduled to be completed in 2026. On the subject of the extremely long construction period, Gaudí is said to have remarked, "My client is not in a hurry." about the famous structure. Gaudi's designes were in his head, not on paper the only thing that could be found after his tragic death was a few napkins and scraps with doodles and calculations. The remainder of the building is being designed and built by other architects.
I have used the word gaudi for most of my life... That dress is gaudi, that jewelry is gaudi... Yesterday the word and it took on a whole new meaning for me. To the left is another building we toured a few blocks away. Gaudi's influence in Barcelona can be seen everywhere even the sidewalk tiles were designed by him. Talk about leaving your mark on a place.


Anonymous said...

You have seen what I was not able to articulate. We are glad to hear that things are going so well!

The Clifton Family said...

Ya Kacey I thought of you while I was there.. I wish you could have seen it. I have defiantly never seen anything like it..