Monday, February 4, 2008

Lovin' Laredo

The kids and I are visiting my brother, Jared, in Laredo, Texas while Clint is in Barcelona and we are having a great time! Right now we are hanging out in Uncle Jared's office while he meets with his basketball team for a bit. We are lovin' the warm weather and wearing our flip flops and we are also lovin' Lisa and Stephon who we are staying with. Jared works with Stephon at Texas A&M International coaching basketball. Our flights across the country were very uneventful. They were just a few minutes late nothing like Clint experience thankfully. Not sure that would of gone well with three kids by myself. The kids behaved amazingly well. I could not of been more proud of them! I dont have my card reader to upload pics but I will be sure to do so when we return. Miss you all...

Miss you Clint/Daddy Love you!

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