Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Paragon Training Center

Last Friday night Jennifer Davis and I were both abandoned by our husbands so she came up with a great solution... Paragon Training Center. They have an open gym time on Friday nights and Saturdays for kids to come and play. Now, she and I had to stay since we had a few under the age of 5 but that proved to be well worth it. We pretty much did everything the kids were doing... bouncing around, flipping into the foam cube pit which we found out that it was kinda hard to get out of but it was sooo much fun. We were laughing so hard at each other which proved to make it even harder to get out of the pit! We have already decided that next time the hubbies are coming along so we don't have to watch the kids and we can just play. It really is a toss up with who had more fun, us or the kids!

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