Tuesday, July 8, 2008


When Jennifer and I were in college I decided that I wanted to marry her. Our sophomore year I kept my eye open for engagement rings. I was shopping QVC, considering the advantages of Cubic Zirconia and doing my very best to save up the money I would need to trick out her Apollo finger. One day she and I were in an antique store in Dothan, Alabama. As we were shopping she saw this small antique ring and said, "Oh Clint! If you ever buy me a ring this is the one I would want". The beauty of the whole thing is that the ring was only $230! I pretended that I would never buy her a ring and moved on through out the store. Inside I was busting with joy.. I thought I would have to spend thousands to get a ring that pleased my adolescent lover. So I went to work scraping together the money. A few days later I headed to the store to pick up the loot. When I got there, to my horror, the ring was gone. I rushed to my closest sales associate and asked where the ring was. "Someone bought it" she said. I was devastated. I asked more questions.... Who bought it, do you know where they live? Can you give me a phone number? Finally the associate lifted her hand and admitted that she bought the ring. I begged her to sell it to me and she did. It made for a great story but I always told Jennifer that one day I would replace her second hand ring with something really special. Last weekend for our 8th anniversary I finally made good on my promise. Thankfully the bankruptcy of Freedman's Jewelers the second ring was only $100 more than the first. Happy anniversary love!

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