Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cherry Blossoms

I had been wanting to see the cherry blossoms but have not had the chance until yesterday which apparently was to late. There were a few blooms left but for the most part the blooms were already gone. We got to see a few but not enough to make up for how bad are day ended up... more on that later. The good part of the day was we got to spend some time with our new friends Adam, Chelsea, Addison, Brian, and Pinar.

We picked up Chelsea and Addison on our way up to D.C. and unfortunately we had been experiencing a little car trouble that morning. Adam was going to meet us after work but we ended up just going to visit him at his office which the kids thought was super cool. They even got a patch from the commanding officer. From Adam's office we split up, Clint and I plus our boys were headed to Car Max to check on getting a new vehicle (which we have known was coming for some time now). Adam and Chelsea plus the girls headed home to play. We were not separated long before our van decided to completely die on us in the middle of i495. We called Adam to let him know what was going on then called a tow truck. Adam called Brian and Pinar to come rescue me and the boys so we did not have to wait forever for the tow truck. Amazingly enough, the tow truck did not take long at all so we followed the tow truck around Springfield and eventually to our final destination. I think he was just trying to get more money out of us which of course he did. Brian and Pinar were great! They watched the boys for a us while we tried to figure out what to do about our van and now not having a vehicle. How were we going to get home was our big dilema. Do we buy a vehicle, rent a vehicle, we live to far away to ask anyone to take us home...

To be continued... (evil, I know)

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Pelt Family said...

sounds like an interesting adventure. Our trip on Sunday was not that exciting.