Saturday, May 2, 2009

An Exciting Morning

This is how Ruthe woke up this morning...

She has had a loose tooth for awhile now but just in the last couple of days has it been extremely loose. She has thought it really funny to push it with her tongue so it touches her lip. Yesterday while we were riding in the car she was playing with it and it turned sideways but then she could not move it back. The whole time we were in Target she was trying to fix it so it was straight again but was not successful. I tried to pull it but that turned into major screaming. Right as they were getting into bed she finally got it back into place. Noah did an immediate check on the tooth this morning when Ruthe got up and this is what I heard... "It's gone! It's gone! Where is your tooth?" Noah was a bit panicky that she had lost her tooth. They both ran to check her bed and there it was. I'm guessing whenever she moved it back in place it loosened up the last bit of the tooth and in her moving around in her sleep it just fell out. I'm just glad she didn't swallow it!

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