Monday, August 10, 2009

Trip to Georgia

Our trip to Georgia was fun minus the trip to the hospital but if it was going to happen somewhere that was not home Lyons, GA was the perfect place. We were visiting with very dear friends Dannie & Gwen Williams and Scott & Mindy Morrison. They were very helpful with the hospital stay due to the fact they had family who worked there and also with the children. The Davis' cared for our munchkins while Dannie & Gwen took us to the hospital and when the Davis' had to head back to VA Mindy made sure our munchkins were entertained. We were close enough to Florida that my Mom was able to come up and help with the children also plus she wanted to see Dannie, Gwen, Scott and Mindy. The kids did a lot of swimming while we were there so much so they came back thinking they needed to swim everyday. Even though we visited the hospital it was still a great trip because we got to visit with some people who mean a lot to us and Clint got to spend some time with some young guys talking about church planting!

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