Saturday, April 18, 2009

Last day with Nan

The last day Nan was here Clint and I took the opportunity to hang out with each other while she entertained the kids. The kids were so excited for us to leave that day it was ridiculous. They actually said "Leave so the fun can begin!" So we did. We went into town with not much of a plan but to go to lunch. There were errands that needed to be done so we seized the chance to do them with out the struggle of the kids... it was so relaxing. We mixed our errands with fun things like Best Buy and Starbucks. Those places are always dangerous to take the kids into for fear of them break something and having to purchase whatever it was. Apparently I am too since I walked out of Best Buy with a new camera except I had not broken it! Mine has not been doing so well and I have a wedding coming up that will almost pay for the new camera. I walked out of there like a kid in the candy store, super excited!
While we were gone, the kids planted some more flowers, worked in the yard, watched their new movie and did an art project. They painted three wonderful masterpieces that will soon hang in the dining room. They had a blast hanging out with Nan and were sad to see her leave. The good news is she will be back in one month and this time Papa is coming also!

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