Saturday, August 29, 2009

Things are a little different here

Being on bed rest is tough for me. Some may think I have it made just sitting around and not doing anything: no cooking, no cleaning, no grocery shopping, no errands. Not for me though! I like things in certain places and done certain ways so being on bed rest I have had to give up some of those "rights" since I am not the one doing them. I am getting better and not letting it stress me out as much but still.

A great example is what is going on at the Clifton house right this very moment as I type. It is shower time for the kids and since I can't assist them Clint is left to help with this chore which by the way he would rather do anything else than bath the children. So what is going on you ask... Well, Clint decided to bath the children on our back deck! They are completely naked, screaming, in the daylight, bathing out back for all the neighbors to see if they so choose. Why do I even try to teach them about modesty when their father comes up with hair-brain ideas like this?

By the way, I will not be posting any pics with this blog.

1 comment:

beckers said...

BAHHHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!! i almost just woke my roommate up laughing. great post. funny story!
oh clint, im shaking my head and laughing!
jen, hang in there, Moses is almost here!